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Sakis Rai

“Happiness is not at the top of the mountain, but in how to climb“






Always smiling

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If you’re looking for a charismatic and enthousiastic teacher, then Sakis is the perfect teacher for you. A fun, lovable Greek that has been teaching for many years. Together with Marta, he runs Bachata Romantica, a well known and sought after brand around the world. And this didn’t come easy:

As a former ballroom dancer, Sakis discovered the world of salsa and bachata. He joined teams, trained hard and stepped up his game.

Then he discovered his true passion: Bachata Sensual. Suddenly, everything clicked. The passion, the freedom, it all felt right. And people noticed. Even one of the biggest stars in the world of Bachata, Romeo Santos, noticed him. This resulted in a video with over 2 million views!

For Sakis, it has always been important to remind every dancer, that you’re not dancing only Bachata Sensual. A better understanding of the entire genre of Bachata is what makes a good dancer. And he implements this in his classes: by teaching true Sensual, fast and exciting Dominican and the proper technique in Moderna.